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Kids in Preschool

Are you returning to work?
Do you want a 5* childcare service?

Take a look at Little Pickles Nurseries and Preschools.

As parents, we have been in your position and understand the complex feelings and concerns that occur when faced with finding suitable childcare. So we have created outstanding settings in Bodmin and Callington where you and your little ones are assured of a warm welcome to our happy, loving and secure environments.

We believe that good quality care and early education in a child's first years enhances their future life chances. We are proud to offer the highest standards of individual support from our professional staff to ensure your child will flourish and meet their full potential. 

Click the link below to request our ‘information pack.’ It will tell you more about how we deliver the EYFS, the type of activities we offer and routines we follow.

Sarah and Nathan Pavey - Directors

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Cute Feet

What makes us special?

Family run settings, treating each child as if they were our own 
Led by a qualified Early Years Teacher
Outstanding quality early education and care in modern and secure settings
Stimulating and nurturing environments filled with encouragement and challenge
Friendly teams of highly qualified practitioners who are led by an exceptional managers with years of experience
Fun outdoor spaces designed to challenge children’s resilience and physical skills
Top of the range resources and equipment to support children’s learning
Exciting and unique experiences within the nurseries and local communities
Learning experiences based on the children’s individual needs and interests
Personalised ‘app’ to keep parents updated on developmental progress
Easy access in to our nursery sites with plenty of parking 
Flexible hours and booking times to accommodate your busy lives

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Our Environments

Our teams are knowledgeable and committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment in which your child will be encouraged from their first day with us until the day they are ready for ‘big school!’ They understand the importance of developing a physical and emotional environment where your child can develop confidently and safely when investigating for themselves. Children are encouraged to explore the awe and wonder that the world has to offer through the 7 areas of learning of the EYFS.


Baby Rooms

0 to 2 years

A room filled with love, cuddles and encouragement, where secure attachments are made and trusting relationships begin. An environment where your baby will follow their own individual routine, balance their need for emotional attachment, stimulation and opportunities to discover. They will begin to develop an awareness of themselves and their surroundings through exploration and play. Lots of singing and stories to develop their language and age appropriate, open ended resources to create sensory experiences. Your baby will be surrounded by gentle and caring practitioners that are responsive to how your baby learns and plays.

Toddler and Preschool Rooms

2 to 5 years

Rooms filled with challenge and friendships and where knowledge and understanding of the world deepens. A greater freedom to explore and learn through a wide range of play activities. Your child's language and vocabulary will develop and they will learn to deal with the big emotions that come along as they start to share and compromise. Mindful practitioners will scaffold and guide their thinking and development, as well as enhance learning with maths or literacy opportunities. Your child will grow in confidence and independence and have the self belief that they can succeed as a learner, just in time to start 'Reception.'

Outside Area

Come rain or shine!

Our outside areas ensures that all children have daily opportunities to learn about the world around them and allow them to take and manage their own risks, supported by practitioners who encourage resilience. There are different textures and play areas to support all children with designated areas for physical, messy, creative and imaginative play. There are places to explore nature and develop their curiosity.

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Boy Playing with Abacus

Our Children are Individual and Unique

Our Approach and Curriculum

We believe that children thrive in an environment which values and respects their own uniqueness. All children are individual; they make progress at different rates and come to us with a variety of life experiences. Through stimulating environments, we provide support and opportunities for your child to develop their skills and knowledge from their own starting points. To grow emotionally, socially, creatively and imaginatively - to develop their own personalities.  

By building on your child's strengths, interests and curiosities, we develop their confidence, self esteem and independence. We guide your child to explore the world by enhancing our environment through 'invitations to play,' allowing your child to have their own voice and lead their own learning. We enrich their experiences through a range of new and unique opportunities, such as Spanish, baking, yoga, dance, visitors to the setting and trips into the local communities. We build your child's speaking and listening skills and develop reading, writing and maths in an informal way, allowing the children to have fun with letters and numbers. 

We believe it is important to focus on how children play and learn (not just what they learn) to celebrate our different achievements and cultures as this leads to happy, active and excited learners.

Click on the link below to see a guide which takes parents through the expectations of each age band across the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS. It also looks at how you can support your child’s learning at home.

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Day Care

Our Wonderful Nursery Family

Our teams are our most valuable asset. They are skilled and passionate and they are not baby sitters! They are highly trained in their profession, having studied at college for at least 2 years. They are focused and inspirational and together strive to provide a 5* service for all our children and families, often going above and beyond. 

They are recruited for their kind and nurturing nature, ensuring your child is cared for in an understanding yet professional way. They are experts in child development and are always on hand to support families and answer any questions.

We continually invest in our team through in house training opportunities or external training courses. It maintains their motivation, commitment and enjoyment and provides opportunities for them to develop their own skills, ensuring your child is given the best possible care and education.

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Our Parents are our Partners

As parents, you are your child's first educator, and you know your child the best. We know and understand child development and the EYFS curriculum, and together we can support your child to achieve their potential. We work closely with parents by offering personalised handovers at the end of sessions informing you of what your child has enjoyed and learnt that day. We also use an online 'Learning Journal' so you can keep up to date with your child's leaning and development wherever you are.

Happy children = happy parents and we give you our 100% guarantee that you and your child will be happy with us or your money back!*

*T&Cs apply

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Our Reviews...

woman 13
man 6
woman 11
woman 10

I am overwhelmed by the continuity of kindness, patience and empathy the staff have shown. I feel so comfortable leaving him here, I couldn't ask for a better nursery.

H (age 2) mum

My son is really happy here and his speech and language has really come on recently. He enjoys nursery and always talks about his mornings. We've noticed such a huge positive change in him.

S (age 3) dad

I was so worried when I had to go back to work as my little one has never been left with anyone before, but the staff were great. They really reassured me and I could spend time in the room to ease the transition. My little one settled better than could have imagined and formed a lovely attachment to her key worker.

S (age 1) mum

I cant say enough about all the support you have given T. She has grown in confidence. She is so ready for school, she loves writing and knows her numbers. We are delighted that our daughters progress is in line with the EYFS

T (age 4)

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