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Our Settings

Our teams are knowledgeable and committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment in which your child will be encouraged from their first day with us until the day they are ready for ‘big school!’ They understand the importance of developing a physical and emotional environment where your child can develop confidently and safely when investigating for themselves. Children are encouraged to explore the awe and wonder that the world has to offer through the 7 areas of learning of the EYFS.


Baby Rooms

0 to 2 years

A room filled with love, cuddles and encouragement, where secure attachments are made and trusting relationships begin. An environment where your baby will follow their own individual routine, balance their need for emotional attachment, stimulation and opportunities to discover. They will begin to develop an awareness of themselves and their surroundings through exploration and play. Lots of singing and stories to develop their language and age appropriate, open ended resources to create sensory experiences. Your baby will be surrounded by gentle and caring educators that are responsive to how your baby learns and plays.

Toddler & Preschool Rooms

2 to 5 years

Rooms filled with challenge and friendships and where knowledge and understanding of the world deepens. A greater freedom to explore and learn through a wide range of play activities. Your child's language and vocabulary will develop and they will learn to deal with the big emotions that come along as they start to share and compromise. Mindful educators will scaffold and guide their thinking and development, as well as enhance learning with maths or literacy opportunities. Your child will grow in confidence and independence and have the self belief that they can succeed as a learner, just in time to start 'Reception.'

Outside Area

Come rain or shine!

Our outside areas ensures that all children have daily opportunities to learn about the world around them and allow them to take and manage their own risks, supported by educators who encourage resilience. There are different textures and play areas to support all children with designated areas for physical, messy, creative and imaginative play. There are places to explore nature and develop their curiosity.

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The Bodmin Setting

The Bodmin setting was bought by Sarah and Nathan in June 2020. It is well positioned in the centre of town just off the Dennison Road and has plenty of parking for families in front of the nursery.

The building is a converted old court with large windows for plenty of natural light. Upstairs there is a designated baby room and 3 free flow toddler rooms which incorporate a quieter space, imaginative and creative space. Downstairs is a large room for the pre-schoolers which leads to the outside space. 

The building is secure and can not be entered without a member of staff opening the door. The nursery is then entered through through a door with a security locked. Doors to the baby room and toddler rooms also have security locks.  

OPEN: 8am to 6pm - all year round

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The Callington Setting

The Callington setting was bought by Sarah and Nathan in June 2016. It is well positioned behind the Ginsters Factory and has plenty of parking for families.

It is a purpose built setting with a large outside area for the children to develop their physical skills. The space is divided into a designated baby room and the toddler and preschool room. Both rooms incorporate different elements of the EYFS such as role play, story telling, mark making and maths areas.

The building is very secure as only staff with electronic tags can enter the rooms. The front door can only be opened by a member of staff. 

OPEN 7.30am to 5.30pm – all year round

Our Settings: Portfolio
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