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Our Vision

At Little Pickles we believe that good quality care and education in a child’s early years enhances their future life chances and we prepare them for this by respecting each child’s uniqueness.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum in which the children can develop their curiosity and experience the magic that the world has to offer through 7 areas of learning. To ensure children reach their potential, teaching and learning is focused on individual needs. We acknowledge each child’s interests and skills, promoting their self-esteem. We create a nurturing and stimulating physical and emotional environment, where we encourage children to ‘have a go’ and interact with new experiences.

We develop their independence and confidence by challenging their thinking, and skilful interactions with our caring staff develop the children’s language, literacy and maths skills, getting them ‘school’ and ‘life’ ready.’

We form trusting relationships with families to ensure all children are supported to develop their own skills and knowledge and to give them a love of learning for life.

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Our Aims

At Little Pickles, we put children at the heart of our curriculum and everything we do. Whilst on their learning journey at Little Pickles, our long term goals and aims for ALL children are...


We aim for lots of smiles and giggles dues to the secure and trusting relationships and high quality experiences


We aim to have activities to celebrate diversity, appreciating and respecting what makes all our children unique.


We aim for lots of time to explore new thinking, build new skills and knowledge in a safe and inspiring environment

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Our Approach

During the first 5 years of a child's life, the brain develops quicker than at any other time. Having quality early experiences have a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed at school and in life, so we have taken guidance from many early childhood theorists and philosophies. This has shaped our approach to teaching and learning and the development of our child centred, play based curriculum.

To ensure children reach their full potential, we use a balance of these theories and philosophies in our approach, and utilise three distinct teaching and learning styles.



Montessori believed that children learn by placing through 'hands on' activities following their own natural learning direction, therefore becoming confident and independent learners. The educators role is as the keeper of a well prepared environment that initiates learning.

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Purposeful Play

This type of learning is child initiated and is thoughtfully planned by the educators to include children's current interests, such as in the role play area, small world area or construction area. This continuous provision is always available to the children.

Child led

Our skilled educators enhance the environment and the learning opportunities by adding resources to create a stimulus and interaction, such as in the maths or writing area. These additional invitations to play link to adult led intentions whilst allowing for independence and practice of taught skills.

Adult led

This type of teaching and learning occurs in small groups and is based upon specific skills and knowledge that needs to be taught, such as phonics or yoga.

Our Approach: Services
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